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Managed Security

Secure your Facility with IP Based Access Control

Who is ISONAS? 

Business security measures are often overlooked until something goes wrong. One place to begin is by implementing a door security system. Currently in the security world, IP (Internet Protocol) solutions are becoming more familiar and the company, ISONAS, has developed a product that has eliminated unnecessary complexities that you may see with other door security systems. Unlike traditional panel-based or IP-panel systems, ISONAS delivers the one proven access control solution that offers network-based, "Pure IP" to door technology. This eliminates the need for difficult control panels at each and every door/access point, complex wiring and power supplies that are costly, and regular maintenance across physical locations.

What Can ISONAS Do for You?

  • Use you existing network for door security. You can add keypad controllers/readers to any location that has internet access. This means multiple buildings, properties, and sites in different towns and states, can all be protected from one place.
  • Door groups can be set up to auto lock/unlock at different times of the day/night/week/month/year. They are programmable to the exact minute or second you'd like them to be.
  • All readers work independently. For example, certain people may only be given access to a designated door into the building, while another person is granted access to another door/group of doors. You can program it to meet your unique business needs.
  • ISONAS uses their "Crystal Matrix" software to monitor your security system. It will give detailed entry data of location, time, date, attempts made, and who made the attempt to enter if a reader was tampered with or if a door was propped open.
  • ISONAS readers hold their own data, so if your main server was to fail or lose power, the ISONAS IP reader would retain full working order as long as it has Power provided via Power over Ethernet (PoE) which allows access into the building at all times.

We currently have 5 ISONAS door security systems working throughout Central Nebraska, and continue to see more interest in them. These IP based systems are almost limitless in what they can control and may be right for you and your business. This product is a great solution for schools, hotel staff, manufacturing or shift work facilities, healthcare facilities, and private businesses. 

Surveillance to Meet your Business Needs

Surveillance is ever changing and at Applied Connective, we get that. We are constantly adding to existing systems and upgrading older equipment in order to meet the needs of our existing clients. All of our DVR/NVR packages offer remote access capabilities from your smartphone, tablet, home PC, or any other device that will connect to the internet. We currently offer our clients three different surveillance options depending on what their business is looking for in a surveillance system.

Applied Connective offers a solution to meet any budget or specification when it comes to surveillance needs. We offer an inexpensive combination of Embedded hybrid DVR, using the Aver 1000 Nano line, with a minimum of 2TB of storage and analog cameras. This is an excellent value and our most common solution for the area. We also offer an IP camera based system or a combination of IP and Analog cameras. By choosing this product line, you will have the option to have a Windows based Geovision system built into the surveillance system. The Aver 6000 series can also be installed, which has the ability to utilize more IP cameras. Another option is to use a 100% IP based system, which includes 32+ camera channels and 8TB+ of hard drive space, and uses only the best 2MP or greater cameras from Panansonic and Samsung. If choosing this line, we offer full custom configurations, multiple monitoring HDTV screens, and accessory Night Infa-Red lighting for cameras to prevent IR washout.